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Embed your widget

The BookingBug widget allows you to embed your booking journey into your own website using a small snippet of code. You can find this snippet in your BookinBug account. As shown in the image below.

You can find these options here

Once you've copy and pasted the snippet of code into your web page. You can then visit that page in your browser and it will load your widget. This is all you need to do for a basic integration.

If you want to customise the look of your widget you can do this via your account dashboard.

Book now button

You can also embed a book now button instead of the widget. This is similar to the widget except it directs the user to your widget hosted on the BookingBug servers. You can customise the colour of the button to match your brand as shown in the image below.

You can find these options here

You can also integrate your new booking journey with Facebook, Drupal and Wordpress.

You may have further requirements for your booking journey and you may need to customise it past what the widget can offer.

You can follow the guides below to develop your own integration or if you're an enterprise customer. Then you can contact and request a bespoke service where we will work with you to build and deploy your customised booking journey.

Making your own integration with the JavaScipt SDK Making your own integration with the REST API